Spray guns and application equipment for release agents

BKY are a UK supplier of some of the highest quality spray applicators for release agents available on the market.

Designed to handle sprayable fluids with very low viscosities the precision nozzle and atomiser results in a smooth even lay on moulds and dies. Working with our suppliers we are able to provide bespoke solutions to optimise the application of release agents in your moulding process including recommended nozzle dimensions, extensions and spray angle.

A high-pressure version is also available depending on requirements.


  • Gun body made from high quality aluminium
  • Nozzle + Needle made from stainless steel
  • lightweight and comfortable grip handle
  • Range of nozzle diameters available as small as 0.2mm
  • Air caps available to adjust the angle of spray depending on application and environment

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W3FZ Spray Gun for Release Agents UK