Polyurethane Elastomers (Cold Castables)

Cold cast polyurethane elastomers and foams are used in a wide variety of applications from flexible polyurethane resin or foam to very hard plastics. These systems are formulated for application at room temperature and do not require heat for post-curation, making them simple and fast to produce.

Our medium/high performance polyether urethane elastomer (polyurethane) is designed to be used with flexible moulds, concrete moulds, stamp pads, cast in place linings, sound dampening applications and casters. It can be readily processed and cured at room or elevated temperatures. The convenient mix ratio and low viscosity allow for easy processing.

Bespoke formulas available

We work closely with our suppliers to provide optimised formulas for specific applications. Please contact us if you have a bespoke need. We can provide bespoke solutions for your desired physical properties.