Forming Lubricants

Specific formulas for extrusion, trimming, stamping, punching, and all types of forming operations.

METALFLOW products for metal forming processes are the result of decades of experience in the field of design, development, and manufacturing of technical solutions for the metal industry.

The METALFORM product family is comprised of medium and high-pressure additives specific for each operation that decrease the friction coefficient and ensure a complete lubrication level to guarantee permanent plastic deformation.

Technical solutions with technological character that incorporate the latest advances in forming lubricant formulations for process optimisation, helping our clients with their waste management and allowing them to comply with the most demanding environmental standards.


  • High power lubricant.
  • Meet different environmental and safety standards.
  • Less product consumption.
  • Cycle times reduction.
  • Optimal finish and a high rust-protection level of the piece.