Ten Highs of BKY

In our ten years of trading we have moved from a home office to our own warehouse adapted and developed to meet our specific needs

boy iso 9001



ISO 9001 Status – First achieved in 2013. In 2017 we successfully transferred to the 2015 standard



Staffing –  We are proud to be a family business with customer care an integral part of our ethos. To support this we have carefully selected logistics and accounts partners to whom we outsource aspects of our business.


bky training

Training – In order to continue to meet the needs of our customers we offer relevant training opportunities to our staff. This enables us to keep up to date with developments in the field and ensure we can offer the best support to our customers.



hi-temp-270-pin-lube-1Range of Products – Our technical support and advice is greatly appreciated by our customers, however we now supply a growing range of products creating the opportunity for a ‘one stop shop’ for many of out clients.We supply pastes, waxes, pigments, release agents and some of the tools used to apply them.  Products are sold in a range of different containers from aerosols to 1000kg IBC’s.



Global Reach
 – We initially imported products from Germany. We now import from 4 continents.


boy growth



Growth in sales
 – Initially we started with 3 key customers.
We now have more than 200….and we are still growing!




boy trade shows

 Raising our profile – 
By attending trade shows in Europe and in the USA, wehave been able to improve our awareness of the global market and raise our own profile at the same time.



Customer Feedback – In our 2017 customer satisfaction survey, 100% of our customers who returned forms rated us good or very good.